cesarWhile in banking throughout the 1980s and 1990s, Cesar Chekijian was recognized as one of the top leaders in his sector on a global basis in banking Turnarounds, Restructuring, and then Mergers and in executing Post-Merger Integration - the end result of such massive efforts being what is now J.P. Morgan Chase & Co.

Cesar excels in developing the intellectual capital needed in change management by developing common vision with reach objectives and by drawing out spirit of leadership. He integrated the top three of the top five banks in the US in that period, and helped create unprecedented growth rates in market capitalization through higher productivity by contributing much more than other areas of expenses. Cesar improves the overall efficiency ratios and operating margins while enhancing growth rates of earnings.

Also, Cesar is an experienced engagement manager, specializing in redefining Vision/Mission with very focused, ambitious and calibrated strategies to suit, with prerequisite transformations - from short term imperatives such as upfront margin enhancement, higher productivity and profit improvement to enabling an effective turnaround by producing savings to invest for growth, to longer term organizational & process development for optimum productivity and compounding of market capitalization on a consistent basis.

He has significant functional experience in corporate and business unit strategy, process re-design, change management, leadership, and post-merger integration.

Cesar is acknowledged and celebrated for his inspiring Executive Leadership on a global basis.


since 1968

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